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Your unconscious core beliefs are creating your reality whether you realize it or not.

If your life is out of alignment with your expectations, it only means that you are out of alignment with your TRUTH.

True empowerment is to identify the limiting core beliefs that hold you back, then take action to change them.

Using a 2-in-1 approach, I bridge yoga + psychotherapy as a catalyst for your transformation.

Experience what it feels like to OWN YOUR POWER: CLEAR, CONFIDENT + COURAGEOUS.

Live Truth. Live Love.

Russell Simmons: How to Be Happy All the Time

Posted in yoga

Russell Simmons is on fire!

To say I was thrilled when Russell Simmons joined my MEDITATION 101 FREE Virtual Conference is an understatement! I was jumping up and down!

We sat down this week to discuss how yoga and meditation keeps him happy and helped build his media empire. We dive into Christ-consciousness, Rita Ora, Khloe Kardashian, the Bhagavad Gita … Read More

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Gabby Bernstein + Ashley Turner: Miracles Now

Posted in v-logs

I’m so thrilled to announce the launch of my dear friend, Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book: MIRACLES NOW!

Gabrielle Bernstein + I sat down the other day to discuss the 108 quick, practical tools she details in Miracles Now to help you get more confident, happy, clear + powerful in your life.

As always, expect audacious, down-to-earth, girl talk mixed … Read More

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The Healing Power of Beauty

Posted in v-logs

Beauty is a balm for the soul. How can you presence more beauty today?

Unconsciously, our hearts soften and we breathe a little deeper when we drink in beauty. Fresh flowers. An aesthetically pleasing website or logo. The soothing touch of a lover’s caress. The warmth and ease of their tender gaze washing over you. Fashion that inspires with color, pattern … Read More


Urban Priestess Mystery School + Year Long Certification w/ Ashley Turner + Sianna Sherman

Posted in Empowerment, Events, Feminine Power, Inspiration, Mantras, Meditation, Mythology, Pranayama, Priestess, Self Development, Spirituality, Truth, yoga

Blue Priestess


Learn to wield power in the Feminine way – trust your intuition with an authentic voice, wisdom, beauty + grace.

Sianna and Ashley have both completed Priestess Trainings and share a passion to reclaim and demystify the ancient Mystery Schools of the Divine Feminine, applying these potent tools to modern day life.

This in-depth training unravels … Read More

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