Ashley in Aspen this summer!

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Aspen Yoga - Ashley Turner

Ashley teaching yoga in Aspen this summer!

I’m thrilled to announce my WEEKLY YOGA CLASSES in Aspen:

WEDNESDAY | 6:00 – 7:30 pm | Aspen Shakti Shala
FRIDAY | 8:30 – 9:45 am | King Yoga
SATURDAY | 9:00 – 10:30 am | Aspen Shakti Shala

These classes SELL OUT…so please sign up online ahead of time, as space is … Read More

#1 Tool to Deal with Difficult Emotions

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One of the greatest challenges in dealing with difficult emotions is that they are so intangible and nebulous. Like quicksilver in our Soul…they shapeshift almost instantaneously. Emotions are slippery, overlap and are often mask deeper roots.

The #1 tool I use to untie emotional knots, harness their power, discern and listen carefully to the deeper truths beckoning is JOURNALING. … Read More

Seane Corn on OCD, Anxiety, Abuse + Meditation

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Overcoming OCD with Meditation + Yoga: An Interview with Seane Corn

12 years ago…I was in crisis. Living on the beach in Malibu with my the love of my life (at the time), I had just embarked on my yoga career, was madly in love…but, had lost my sense of Self along the way. I had plugged into his … Read More

Sex as Meditation + Meditating in the Feminine Way w/ Psalm Isadora

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The profane is sacred. The sacred is profane.

Beyond dualism unfurls the tantric reality that this moment, this body, these sensations, emotions and all our wild, messy, natural and primal DESIRES are absolutely perfect. God/dess incarnate.

Perfectly imperfect.

Enter: Psalm Isadora. The High Priestess of Empowerment through sex, sensuality, feeling + desire. The path to … Read More

Russell Simmons: How to Be Happy All the Time

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Russell Simmons is on fire!

To say I was thrilled when Russell Simmons joined my MEDITATION 101 FREE Virtual Conference is an understatement! I was jumping up and down!

We sat down this week to discuss how yoga and meditation keeps him happy and helped build his media empire. We dive into Christ-consciousness, Rita Ora, Khloe Kardashian, the Bhagavad Gita … Read More

Gabby Bernstein + Ashley Turner: Miracles Now

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I’m so thrilled to announce the launch of my dear friend, Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book: MIRACLES NOW!

Gabrielle Bernstein + I sat down the other day to discuss the 108 quick, practical tools she details in Miracles Now to help you get more confident, happy, clear + powerful in your life.

As always, expect audacious, down-to-earth, girl talk mixed … Read More

The Healing Power of Beauty

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Beauty is a balm for the soul. How can you presence more beauty today?

Unconsciously, our hearts soften and we breathe a little deeper when we drink in beauty. Fresh flowers. An aesthetically pleasing website or logo. The soothing touch of a lover’s caress. The warmth and ease of their tender gaze washing over you. Fashion that inspires with color, … Read More

Urban Priestess Mystery School + Pilgrimage to Glastonbury w/ Ashley Turner + Sianna Sherman

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Blue Priestess

MARCH 2015 – MARCH 2016 | Urban Priestess Mystery School

Learn to wield power in the Feminine way – trust your intuition with an authentic voice, wisdom, beauty + grace.

Sianna and Ashley have both completed Priestess Trainings and share a passion to reclaim and demystify the ancient Mystery Schools of the Divine Feminine, applying these potent tools to modern … Read More

FREE WEBINAR: How to Meditate (Part 2)

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FREE Meditation Course

Join me for my FREE WEBINAR:

MEDITATION 101 – Part 2







12 pm PT | 3 pm ET


with Ashley Turner + en*theos!


SIGN UP for the FREE Livestream Class with Ashley Turner

*Receive the recording link via

Read More

How to Relieve Holiday Stress through Fitness

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Often we find that this is a time of great joy – we are able to see extended family we maybe don’t see very often, have delicious meals, gather to celebrate, and share gifts with one another. But with great joy can also come great stress.

Whether it’s because your family puts the FUN in dysfunctional, you have a wildly … Read More

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