In the Hot Seat Interview w/ Liz Di’Alto

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I recently had the honor of spending some time in the “HOT SEAT” with fitness + lifestyle coach (and YouTube sensation) Liz Di’Alto! We talk about a little bit of everything, including:

  • What to do when you OUTGROW FRIENDSHIPS.
  • What does it mean to be an ordained PRIESTESS + how does it apply to life?
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Essential Oils for Chemotherapy, Radiation and Emotional Healing

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Cancer. Just writing the word gives me goosebumps as I think of people I’ve known who have been affected by this disease. Statistics show that one in every two men and one in every three women will likely experience cancer in some form by the time they turn 85, which means if you haven’t personally been diagnosed, chances are high … Read More

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11 Uses for Lemon Essential Oils

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When life gives you lemon essential oils, make lemonade . . . or a naturally disinfecting cleaner. 

Lemon (Citrus limon) has antiseptic-like properties and contains compounds that have been proven to boost immune system function. This essential oil has a fresh, zesty aroma that uplifts and energizes the body and mind. Because of it’s versatility, Lemon is definitely one … Read More

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Essential Oils for Spring: Running, Golfing, Gardening and More

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Spring weekends mean more time spent outside playing in the sunshine. Whether you’re training for a 10K, pulling up weeds in your garden or getting in a few swings on the golf course, here are a few essential oil tips to keep you playing hard all spring long.

Make Your Own Sunscreen

Spending a full day outside can be hard … Read More


Essential Oils for Seasonal Allergy Relief

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Spring is upon us, which means many fabulous things… The outdoor world comes alive with beautiful green foliage, blooming flowers are everywhere, the days are warmer and full of sunshine. It’s a time of goodness and expansion into a new season – unless you suffer from seasonal allergies.

Seasonal allergies are caused by the body’s inability to adapt to changes … Read More

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5 Essential Oils For Love + Sensuality

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Essential Oils for Sensuality

It’s February and the season of love is upon us! As you know from the Essential Oils 101 guide last week, the fragrance of an essential oil can directly affect your emotional state.

The hypothalamus is the hormone control center in the body, so regulates and stimulates sex drive, energy levels and healthy production of hormones. Whether you’re setting the … Read More


4 Essential Oils for Natural Winter Skin Care

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Among the list of goals and resolutions we set to practice healthy living, revamping our skin care routine is rarely at the top. Diet and exercise are great for body and mind, but what about our biggest organ – the skin? Skin protects our bodies from some harmful contaminants, but also acts like a sponge, which is why the products … Read More


52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally | Interview w/ Nicole McCance

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This week, I am beyond thrilled to announce the release of 52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally – a ground-breaking book by my dear friend, Toronto psychologist and relationship expert Nicole McCance.

As a mind-body psychotherapy intern and yoga teacher, I am so passionate about eliminating the shame often shrouding depression (and exacerbating it) by bringing this subject to … Read More


Natural Cold + Flu Remedies With Essential Oils

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While the best cure for cold and flu season is prevention (and you know from Essential Oils 101 that lemon is perfect to clean, disinfect and boost your immune system), it’s also great to be prepared with natural remedies if and when it happens. Here are several essential oils and an essential oil blend that can help your body fight … Read More

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13 Common Ailments You Can Treat With Peppermint Oil

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Peppermint (Mentha piperita), like lavender, is another incredibly versatile essential oil! Known as one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion, scientists have researched its effects on the liver and respiratory system, as well as its ability to improve concentration and mental accuracy. The fragrance of peppermint is purifying and stimulating for the mind, which … Read More

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