The Ultimate Yoga Playlist by Jason Bentley

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KCRW Music Director Jason Bentley joined Ashley Turner last Saturday morning at the gorgeous Getty Museum selecting tunes for an early morning ART OF YOGA class, sponsored by FLAVORPILL + NAKED JUICE.

He said his goal was to “navigate the currents of energy and movement for the group of 350 attendees” and you can see

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The Pleasure Principle

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mama Gena, founder of the School of the Womanly Arts in NYC. I’ve been hearing about this legendary goddess for over a decade. She rocks women’s (and men’s) worlds by teaching them to reclaim their innate sensuality and power through radical pleasure – yes…all tricks and … Read More


Gossip + Jealousy = Your Greatest Teachers

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Why Gossiping + Jealousy Are Your Greatest Teachers

When we have the urge to break someone down…it’s because we have the need to make ourselves feel better.

Take a closer look at what, specifically, is making you feel inadequate or ‘not as good as’. What is this person exhibiting that you wish you had? What qualities are they modeling that … Read More


Art of Yoga – Flavorpill presents Ashley Turner, Kia Miller + Jason Bentley at MOCA

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Art of Yoga Flavorpill Ashley Turner Jason Bentley Kia Miller MOCA

11:00 am – 12 noon

Presented by Flavorpill + Naked Juice
MOCA – The Geffen Contemporary | 152 N. Central Ave. | Los Angeles, CA

Price: FREE!
Sign up: Register online

“Yoga is great, but yoga in a unique setting is even better. That’s why we’re so excited about our Art of

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How to Get Happy Quick — Bhakti Yoga!

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This week’s post comes from Scott in Conneticut, a student this weekend at my Bhakti Yoga Festival class in Joshua Tree, CA.

He asked me how to deal with profound sadness. His heart felt heavy and sad. He knew why. He just didn’t know what to do about it. His question was perfectly timed, considering we were at a Kirtan … Read More

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How to grieve the death of a loved one + loss

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Whether you are mourning the death of a loved one, a pet, relationship/marriage, job or career that is coming to an end, the aging process, inability to conceive, miscarriage, abortion (including creative abortions) or a devastating heartbreak – it is crucial that we learn to fully express and process the accompanying emotions of grief, anger, loss, sadness, resentment, depression and … Read More


Zen Tunes

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An honor to contribute (and include a bunch of my musician friends!) to Vital Juice Daily’s website.

Please enjoy!

“This playlist will take your yoga to the next level.

Silence may be golden, but when it comes to yoga, we need music to help us flow with it. So we asked yoga instructor and mind-body psychotherapist … Read More


Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Day

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Happy Day


Feeling good every day is my #1 priority.

Below are my top 10 ways to improve my day, mood + attitude!

1.  Meditate 15-30 min./day. Plug into Source.

2. Set your intention for the day. What quality do you want to show up with today? (ex. grace, courage, joy, self-acceptance…)

3. EXERCISE! Read More