Sacred Sex: How to Improve Your Sex Life

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This month’s vlogs are dedicated to all aspects of LOVE! Today, we’re talking about the beauty, magic and transformative power of making love.

Whether you’re single, married or in a relationship –  below are some practical, yogic tools to transition from ‘having sex’ to ‘making love’. The key is to view our sexuality holistically – not just as a physical … Read More


4 Steps to Forgive + Let Go

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For many of us, the emotions that hold the tightest grip on our hearts are disappointment, resentment, blame and anger. They place a stranglehold on our happiness and the only person who can release them is YOU!

Although forgiving someone (or ourselves) can happen in an instant, my experience is that it is usually a much more lengthy process requiring … Read More


The Pleasure Principle

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mama Gena, founder of the School of the Womanly Arts in NYC. I’ve been hearing about this legendary goddess for over a decade. She rocks women’s (and men’s) worlds by teaching them to reclaim their innate sensuality and power through radical pleasure – yes…all tricks and … Read More


Stress Relief Meditation

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Your KEY to stress relief, fear + anxiety: BREATHE DEEP

Right now….pause, relax and take 3 deep, full breaths (4 counts IN, 4 counts OUT).
The basis of the Mind-Body connection is the breath.

The breath is the binding agent – connecting body and mind. The reason is because the breath is the only function in our body which we … Read More

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Power Play – How to Know Your Truth

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Question from Meg in Milwaukee, WI, owner of Yoga One Studios:

How do you KNOW YOUR TRUTH? How do you get in touch with your TRUTH? When you’re sitting with a really important question….how can you discern the voice of TRUTH and get clear? Should I stay in this relationship? What’s my next step in my career?

One of … Read More