#1 Tool to Deal with Difficult Emotions

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One of the greatest challenges in dealing with difficult emotions is that they are so intangible and nebulous. Like quicksilver in our Soul…they shapeshift almost instantaneously. Emotions are slippery, overlap and are often mask deeper roots.

The #1 tool I use to untie emotional knots, harness their power, discern and listen carefully to the deeper truths beckoning is JOURNALING. … Read More


Urban Priestess Mystery School + Pilgrimage to Glastonbury w/ Ashley Turner + Sianna Sherman

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Blue Priestess

MARCH 2015 – MARCH 2016 | Urban Priestess Mystery School

Learn to wield power in the Feminine way – trust your intuition with an authentic voice, wisdom, beauty + grace.

Sianna and Ashley have both completed Priestess Trainings and share a passion to reclaim and demystify the ancient Mystery Schools of the Divine Feminine, applying these potent tools to modern … Read More

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Shadow Work + Yoga Psychology Telejam

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Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 3.45.39 PM

Missed the Shadow Work + Yoga Spreecast? Here you go!

We had hundreds of people register for the Shadow Work + Yoga Spreecast!
Sianna Sherman and I Q+A’ed about:

  • How do we define our SHADOW?
  • How does PSYCHOLOGY apply to the work we do on our yoga mats?
  • Understanding PSYCHODYNAMICS in the yoga room and how to manage triggers.
  • Read More

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Money: A Love Story with Kate Northrup

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Overcoming Financial Shadow + Shame. Fall in Love with Your Money.

I had the honor of interviewing my girl Kate Northrup recently to get to the heart of the subject of her new book “Money: A Love Story.”

Kate and I share similar pasts – $20,000 of credit card debt. Shame. Vulnerability. Fear. Overwhelm.

For both of us, … Read More

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How to Set Boundaries for Healthy Relationships

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Are you depleted, irritable or overwhelmed? It may be time to reset your boundaries.

Setting healthy boundaries is the foundation for having positive, fulfilling and uplifting relationships.

Many years ago, I “broke-up” with my best friend. I was devastated, sad and depressed. Like any other gut-wrenching heartbreak – it took me months to garner the courage to break up and … Read More


Body Image • Self-Sabotage • Mentors • Mystery Schools

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A Q+A drill-down with Malia Scott. We’re talking…


The questions were potent + raw. I’m super grateful for the opportunity to share what inspires me and has moved me on my journey. Enjoy!


P.S. Join me in Austin, TX | Read More

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Optimize Fertility, Sex Life + Hormonal Health: Interview w/ Alissa Vitti

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People always ask me what I teach in the Urban Priestess classes. One of the most important aspects of being a woman of power, who is in touch with her intuition is to live in harmony with your natural hormonal cycles and know how to use your menstrual cycle to your advantage.

Finally, there is a book that easily and … Read More

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Meditation 101: How to Meditate + Why Meditation Works

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Meditation is one of the most crucial aspects to cultivate more peace and happiness in life. It is literally the first thing I recommend to all my students and clients to build self-esteem and intuition, hear your truth, make wise, skillful choices, improve communication, increase creativity and productivity and let go.

We can be in one … Read More


Spring Equinox: Honoring Your Moon Cycle

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Happy Spring Equinox (Ostara)!

The spring equinox is one of the four corners of year – Spring and Fall Equinox, Summer and Winter Solstice. These cornerstones mark the turning of the wheel – when either the solar and lunar energies are equal and balanced (Equinox) or in opposition (Solstice).

Our inner environment mirrors the outer environment. The 3 … Read More


The Secret of Self Love

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Most of our fears and inner conflicts arise from a lack of self love. The first thing I tackle with clients is identifying and eradicating the root causes of self-beat, shame, guilt and insecurity. I call it “radical acceptance”.

Ironically, one of the best ways to build self-esteem, confidence and a deep, inner sense of contentment and acceptance is incredibly … Read More


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