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Why Meditate? 
Scientifically Proven Benefits . . .

LESS DEPRESSION, STRESS + ANXIETY: Studies conducted at the University of California show that Meditation practiced for 5 months, decreases brain responses to stress and pain by 40–50%.

MORE WELLBEING+ COMPASSION: Harvard University found out that short, daily meditation practices lead to growth of the gray matter in the areas of the brain associated with wellbeing and compassion while the areas associated with stress and pain actually shrink.

IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY + FOCUS: In a 2012 study conducted at the University of Washington, researchers found that meditation leads to a significant improvement in concentration and to time being used more efficiently.

LESS PAIN: Studies prove that meditation reduces physical and emotional pain, in some cases even after just four days of 20-minute trainings.

HIGHER EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE + BETTER SOCIAL CONNECTIONS: Stanford Medical School found an increase of up to 40% in compassion (for yourself and others) which leads to better social connections and emotional intelligence -- after a steady practice of meditation for only 9 weeks.

NO MORE LONELINESS: Researchers at UCLA report that meditating for just 30 minutes a day reduces the feeling of loneliness.

BETTER QUALITY OF SLEEP: The University of Utah discovered that meditation helps you sleep better as a result of lower cognitive and physiological activation at bedtime.

INCREASED ATTENTIVENESS: A study conducted by the University of Kentucky revealed that meditation increases the performance on tests that measure attention -- even after the subjects had lost a night’s sleep!

Other studies show that meditation has incredible physical benefits as well such as:
      • lowering high blood pressure by 40 – 60%
      • increasing your immune function
      • decreasing inflammation at a cellular level
      • improving ADHD
      • preventing heart attacks + strokes

Why Ashley? Meet Your Teacher:

Ashley has introduced thousands of people to meditation, created the popular MEDITATION 101 Virtual Conference (25,000 participants), 10 best selling yoga dvd's and is a featured expert on new meditation apps for Gaiam and MindValley's OmVana.
She has taught yoga for over 16 years and is a practicing psychotherapy intern bridging the best of neuroscience, psychology and spirituality. Most of all....her passion is to help you meditate. It's time to change the thought at a time!

What People Are Saying

"Ashley changed my practice. For the first time, she taught me how to combine strength and flexibility with mind and spirit."

Tony Horton

Fitness Guru, Creator of P90X | Los Angeles, CA

"Ashley makes meditation fun, simple, yet powerful. She's a pleasure to work with and we're thrilled to have her on OmVana + MindVallley." 

Kshitij Minglani

CEO OmVana by MindValley – #1 Grossing Health + Fitness APP
Kuala Lampur, Malyasia

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