Self Mastery Sessions 

with Ashley Turner, LMFT

VIP One-on-One 50 min. Coaching or Psychotherapy

Shadow Work • Strategy • Soulful Success

Sessions worldwide via SKYPE or in Ashley's LA office.


You choose the way you prefer to work together.

Shadow Work + Depth Psychotherapy

 Ready to uproot the deeper issues holding you back? Not even sure what they are? Interested in #ShadowWork and emotional processing? Want a therapist grounded in Spirit?

What stands in our way is often the unseen, unconscious or Shadow aspects of Self. 

Together, we will identify & breakthrough the blocks, limiting stories and detrimental behaviors keeping you bound. Explore family of origin/ancestral wounds, trauma resolution, defenses, grief, relational and emotional patterns.

This is not talking "about" the story...but, creating the sustainable, tangible shifts you desire and deserve as well as processing any unresolved emotions.

Priestess Heart Counsel

Are you at a crossroads...unsure of which way to go? Having trouble accessing your inner wisdom and Highest Truth?

If you are ready to look beyond your present circumstances into the archetypal, Soul Lessons playing out...this is for you.

A Priestess is a revolutionary force of radical acceptance, ferocious compassion, wisdom and indomitable Spirit.

She holds a clear reflection -- to help others see the Truth of who they really are (Soul Remembrance) and cut through illusion to see the Truth in any situation. 

We will enter ritual space and hold a high-vibration resonant field to access your deepest wisdom, clarity, strength and insight.

Girlboss Mentorship

Do you procrastinate or battle a nagging insecurity? Feel like you're "not quite ready" or confused by all the conflicting business advice out there? You're not alone.

Whether you're a soulpreneur, yoga-spiritual teacher, therapist or wellness coach...get the personal mentorship, coaching, accountability, valuable resources and customized plan you need to elevate your career to the next level.

We dive deep to clarify:

  • Your Soul Gifts (Sva Dharma)
  • Your definition of success
  • A strategy aligned with your constitution, business model & lifestyle
  • Tools to keep you in your genius zone, meet your goals & hold you accountable
  • The inner work & leadership skills necessary to take your business to the next level 

INVESTMENT 3 Sessions = $1000

Why Self-Mastery Sessions?

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ C.G. Jung

Self Mastery Sessions are a one-of-a-kind fusion of loving, firm coaching, liberating shadow work and mystical, soulful exploration. 

The key to change is taking 100% responsibility for the results in your life. Together, we'll uncover the source of your unproductive patterns, release shame, guilt, insecurity and build a rock-solid toolbox of proven psychological and spiritual strategies you can rely on forever.

In my experience, if you don't understand the WHY and do the inner work to identify and uproot what holds you can have all the information and knowledge in the world...but, nothing changes.

Most Coaches are not trained as psychotherapists. Many do not understand how to work with unconscious material. 

The nature of the that it is unconscious. Most coaches are not trained to navigate psychodynamics or elicit, resolve and integrate trauma, repressed emotions and subconscious beliefs.

The inner world directs the outer world. Change on one level requires change on all levels: body, mind and spirit.

Self-Mastery is just that. Mastering the inner game so you can master the outer game. 

CUSTOMIZED PROTOCOL: I draw from a wide-range of tools and approaches depending on your presenting issues and constitution. Expect to receive a curated yoga-meditation-mantra-breathwork protocol based on your needs. Walk away with specific exercises, homework assignments and mental-emotional skills to build. We may also weave in Shamanic practices, Active Imagination, Priestess skills, Cognitive Behavioral strategies and Shadow Work.

For best results, I highly recommend committing to a minimum of 3-6 Self-Mastery Sessions. The work is sequential and progressive with each session building upon the last. Consistency is key. It breeds accountablility, self-confidence and results.

How It Works

1. Book. Pay. Schedule.

Once you click the link below and pay, you will be sent to a schedule page to lock in your appt. time.

Appointments generally book 2-3 wks in advance.

Sessions are available worldwide via Skype or on select days in person in Ashley's LA office.

2. Fill Out Assessment

Upon confirmation of your appointment, we forward you an assessment questionnaire to get you focused and clear about your specific needs and goals. 

Cultivae a benevolent space for self-reflection. Take your time. Fill out the form and return. I'll review, take notes and we'll dig in.

3. Deep Dive

We'll talk for about an hour. We start with a grounding meditation to create a resonant field. 

Depending on which track you choose, we dig in -- using the best approach for your needs. You'll walk away with homework, strategy and specific take-aways to implement.


About Ashley Turner, LMFT

Ashley Turner is a licensed psychotherapist, writer and yoga-meditation teacher for over 18 years.

She is the founder of Yoga Psychology, co-founder of the Urban Priestess Mystery School, creator of 10 best-selling yoga dvds and co-author of Aroma Yoga. Ashley has graced such lists as:

  • 100 Women in Wellness to Watch ~ MindBodyGreen
  • 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in the U.S. ~ Sonima
  • 100 Top Psychotherapy Blogs ~ Reddit
  • '40 Under 40' - Health & Wellness Sector ~ Wall St.'s M&A Foundation  

Known for making complex concepts relevant and accessible, Ashley is a sought after speaker, skilled facilitator and charismatic presenter. 

Using her innovative fusion of yoga, depth psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience and Shadow Work she has taught celebrities, toured with rock stars and loves facilitating privates and group workshops.


Healed My PTSD: She's worth Every. Single. Dollar!

"I found Ashley after 7 years of fumbling through PTSD that therapists clinically, and coldly, characterized as mild, but to me felt devastating.

Before Ashley I spent tens of thousands of dollars on therapy, coaching, and self-development trainings/retreats that made a dent in my issues, but didn't provide the healing I was desperate for.  

Within 6 months of working with Ashley I had: 

  • healed my trauma & PTSD
  • identified self-worth as my biggest obstacle in figuring out my business and my relationships
  • created a business that turned my karma into my deep, powerful, profitable dharma  

Ashley does three things exceptionally well:

  • She witnesses you and your shadow without judgment and total compassion. You will feel seen.
  • She facilitates you through the murkiest, most ambiguous corners of your psyche with skill, poise, and clarity that makes your wonder if she's a clairvoyant.
  • She realizes that in order to heal the mind you must heal the Soul.  

I'm blessed by Ashley's dharma. She's worth Every. Single. Dollar.

Kasey Dreier | Los Angeles, CA | Business & Life Coach

Catapulted into My Potential + Opened a Yoga Studio

"Working with Ashley is incredibly empowering, freeing and catapults you into a giant realm of potentiality and possibility! She is my EVERYTHING.

I'm so grateful for every single session where she asked the big questions, held me in love and gave me the space for self inquiry to thrive!"

Sherri Dujmovich | Valparaiso, IN | Owner OneValpo

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

If this feels like a good fit, I would love to support you on the next phase of your journey. If you are ready to go deep, move beyond your stories, master radical self-love and live skillfully...we are a perfect fit. 

I am only offering a select number of appointments for a limited time, so please join us. I look foward to serving you.

With great love & respect,