Help Will Arrive

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Trust the unseen forces that are supporting you, poised to help you in every way.
Over the last several weeks, I’ve been reminded of this universal truth in varying circumstances. In preparation for leading over 30 people to the wilds of the Peruvian Andes, I found myself overwhelmed and doubting my ability to attend to every last detail. Afterall, I don’t speak Spanish and I’m definitely not a ‘camp counselor’-type…ready to cheerfully rally the troops on every outing”.
What I found…again and again…was the right person would arrive at precisely the right moment to lend a hand and miraculously they possessed the perfect gift I needed in that moment. (i.e. the necessary soothing yoga music, Spanish negotiating lingo, extra soles to tip a passerby, technical support or carrying a weary colleague’s backpack).

Joseph Campbell breaks it down like this:

“When you are following your bliss…doors will open where there were none before and where there are none for anyone else.”
A couple days ago, I sat in the quintessentially charming Venice home of Kia Miller and Tommy Rosen, celebrating and planning the upcoming Tadasana Music + Yoga festival. Our guiding light, Tadasana co-founder Tommy Rosen shared a similar story of how he has been inundated, anxious and overwhelmed with the launch of the massive project – only days away. Like me, he’s been prodded into remembering and relearning how the Universe always supports us – if we’re open and ready to receive.

He found himself dazed by the magnitude of the looming festival, strolling the aisles of the Venice Whole Foods thinking how he hadn’t even planned the bodywork tent yet, a.k.a. “The Repair Shop” (great name…by the way). Right then, he turned a corner and bumped into our friend, Will, an esteemed bodyworker and leader in the community. Will stopped Tommy to ask him, even though he knew it was last minute, how he could help and become involved in the festival. Just like that, “poof!”, the magic wand of the Universe swirled down, sprinkled some fairy dust and in an instant – problem solved – Tommy had a manager for The Repair Shop.
Here are some simple steps to open up and receive THE HELP all around you:
1. KNOW WHAT YOU NEED. First, get clear on exactly what you need. Do you need technical help? Emotional support? A shoulder to cry on? Creative input? Identify your priorities and what (exactly) would help you meet your needs and reach your goals.
2. SEE. Everyone around you has their own particular brand of magic. Learn to recognize people’s gifts. Train your eyes to see the talents and abundance in everyone surrounding you. Not only will you shift to an abundance mentality – recognizing the abundance of gifts all around you – but you will begin to notice people offering their services and expertise in great joy. It is a sincere pleasure to offer what comes most naturally to us. It is our essential nature to give the essence of who we are.
3. ASK. Receiving means that we humble ourselves and open ourselves up to share. Don’t be afraid to ASK for what you need. Ask your team at work to pitch in, get on Facebook and ask who knows how to navigate wordpress, or the best dry cleaner in your neighborhood…whatever you need, there are infinite resources all around you. Send out prayers and special requests – silently, aloud or virtually – ask for specifically what you need.
4. TRUST your inner magnet. When you get clear on what you need – the people with those skills will miraculously show up in your life. You are sending out the frequency of your clear truth and therefore the equal, opposite vibration will be magnetized right back to you. Sit back, relax and know that it is coming your way. Trust the timing and don’t be surprised when it’s instantaneous.

5. SMILE + BE GRATEFUL. Wrap the whole thing up by being grateful, acknowledging the help you received and thanking the person and the Universe (out loud, with a small token, note, flowers…whatever). Feel + spread the love.

Please leave a comment below with exactly how THE HELP has shown up in your life!Please share this, LIKE it, PIN it, TWEET it if you are inspired.Let me know how I can HELP you!


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2 Responses to “Help Will Arrive”

  1. [...] When we have a positive sense of safety and stability (initially rooted in loving, consistent parenting from our early childhood) Рit is easier to trust in something greater than ourselves. We believe that the Universe will show up to do its part, is supporting us and help will arrive. [...]

  2. Kelley says:

    For the last three weeks your messages have been so relevant to my life. They have been beautifully spoken to me, to a point where tears roll down my face. Sometimes I feel like you’re in my head and find the most beautiful way to express my thoughts, other times I’m so happy that someone else gets what I’m feeling or going through. It’s true, Help will arrive! Thank you.