You Get To Be Yourself

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Last week on our life-changing Peru Shamanic Yoga Pilgrimage, on a deep vision quest, I got a crystal clear download from my highest Self:
“You Get To Be Yourself”
The voice came loud and clear. It’s rare to have such a clear, verbal cue…but there it was.
It’s a privilege and an honor to be exactly who you are. The inner judge is not an unfamiliar companion for me: “You should run your business like her.” “You need to be doing more.” “You should be teaching/writing/loving like this…” 

Permission to authentically walk a mile in my own shoes was nothing short of revolutionary.
In yoga, we call our raw, creative power, “Shakti Prana” an homage to the Divine Feminine energy which births herself through us…the energy which moves us, animates our form and instills all desire to create and expand from within – that which propels us forward and desires to be made manifest. No one has the specific experiences, challenges and filters that color the lens of your own personal kaleidoscope. In other words, the way that you BRING IT creates your own personal brand of magic that is irreplacable.
Homework this week: 
Trust your instinct. Trust your authenticity and what is unique about you; what you feel might be crazy or quirky. Trust your own personal magic – how you feel you should raise your kids, build your brand and share your gifts.
The more you do this, the stronger the muscles of self-acceptance and self-love become. The judger/comparer receds. It is a privilege to be yourself – unique, different and perfect.. Enjoy!
Please share a comment below on the one thing you are most timid about, where you compare yourself to others or could embrace your magic a little more.
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4 Responses to “You Get To Be Yourself”

  1. Clara says:

    Thank you Ashley for this important reminder! It is so liberating and such a joy to understand this concept!

  2. Debbie says:

    So many of my friends and family feel like they aren’t living the lives that they were meant to be living, but do nothing about changing it or trying to find out what IS the life they want to live. Or they question themselves when they are enlightened to a new way of thinking or living. I did it myself for 39 years.

    I have started down the path of trying to discover what my truth is. What makes me happy, truly happy? How do I want to live the rest of my life? What do I want to do for a career? What kind of wife and mother do I want to be? Through yoga, deep breathing, exercise, writing down my thoughts, and now trying to meditate, I feel like I’m becoming closer and closer to the true me, the person I was meant and want to be. I think it is extremely important to take time from the day to day grind of work to focus on and listen to your inner self. Let that inner voice guide you!

  3. Jodi Weiner says:

    Your words and energy were felt not just heard but FELT. I have been having a challenge embracing my sexuality(grounding energy) as it’s a touch off center and not so harmonious with “yogic philosophy”…but no doubt you are 50 billion times correct! My quirky aspect coupled with my wide open heart brings my authentic persepective of love and permission to embrace all of it. Thanks Ashley and I look forward to the moment our physical paths cross so I may share your beautiful energy live!

    Namaste’ Angel!

    Love Jodi~

    • Renee says:

      Tough to be a yoga teacher sometimes. People think you are not human and expect that you are a saint with no past or that you should be teaching what someone else teaches- very important not to lose yourself out there. Have to remind myself every day that I am amazing and I just gotta be who I truly am. Flaws and all-Just like the Beyonce song.

      Ashley Turner ~ keep on doing what you are doing. I wish you love& peace & courage. Rock on Sistah!& thank you for having a place for people to come together in TRUTH! Be brave everyone. Be Brave and just be who you TRULY are. We can do it together;)!!!! I love you no matter what FLAWS AND ALL!! ~Om Shanti~ have a beautiful day!