Ajna Chakra

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The Ajna Chakra is our command center and often referred to as the third eye chakra. This chakra relates to our ability to see clearly. Where our eyes go our attention follows. We are constantly bombarded by ads, noises, people, cars, buses, and everything within your periphery. We might not even realize that our attention is being dragged in Read More


Vishuddha Chakra: purification through communication

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How well we communicate to the world and to ourselves is how we show our own self-expression, and creativity. Our throat is the center of our communication and this is where we take in sustenance and express ourselves. When the throat is closed off we have no way to reveal our feelings or our creativity. Ultimately we can end up … Read More


Anahata Chakra

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Anahata Chakra

Love is something we are all searching for. Something we try to understand and we try to take control of. To feel true unconditional love for yourself and others creates lightness, simplicity, and softness. The process of understanding our relationship to love begins with ourselves. ‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance’ – Oscar Wilde.

The heart … Read More


Svadhisthana Chakra: Hello Sweetness

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Svadhistana Chakra:
Hello Sweetness: go with the flow

Svadhisthana or sweetness is our second chakra and is the energetic emotional hub of our bodies. The core of this chakra is located at the lower abdomen, low back, and reproductive organs. The chakras desire is for sensate pleasure. Sensory gratification often is found in seeking excessive eating, sexual activities, and use … Read More

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Root Chakra: Mulhadhara

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Muladhara Chakra

Yesterday as I walked into Tompkins Square Park in the East Village I began to slow down and notice people sitting on the park benches soaking in the beautiful weather. Generally when I am walking around the city I’m speed walking, rushing to my next class or back to the office for a client. At times that can make me … Read More

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The Chakras

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Chakra translates to wheel or disk, and there are 7 majors ‘wheels’ located in our bodies. These chakras, or energy centers in our body correlate to our levels of consciousness, starting at the base of our spine with the most primitive level of consciousness and moving up the body to the 7th, or crown, chakra and the highest level of … Read More

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VITAL JUICE DAILY: Stress-Busting Yoga

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(originally posted on Vital Juice Daily)

“Om” away holiday frenzy with this exclusive video.

Icky weather. Nosy relatives. A mile-long shopping list. ‘Tis the stressful season.

Yoga instructor and mind-body psychotherapist Ashley Turner knows. That’s why her latest DVD, Element: Yoga for Stress Relief & Flexibility helps fit girls find Zen amidst holiday chaos. We asked Turner to create … Read More

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