The Healing Power of Beauty

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tweetBeauty is a balm for the soul. How can you presence more beauty today?

Unconsciously, our hearts soften and we breathe a little deeper when we drink in beauty. Fresh flowers. An aesthetically pleasing website or logo. The soothing touch of a lover’s caress. The warmth and ease of their tender gaze washing over you. Fashion that inspires with color, pattern or texture. The pure innocence and whimsical awe of a child.

Beauty draws life into alignment and attunement – as a strong magnet coalesces metal shavings. Beauty is to the eye and heart, what a finely tuned instrument and resonant voice is to the ear. Symmetry pleases the brain. Beauty evokes resonance – creating order. Deep sigh.

When objects or thoughts are in disarray (dissonance) – we feel scattered, perhaps irritable. In yoga, creating harmony through order, cleanliness and simplicity is called saucha and it naturally breeds clarity of the mind and heart – called sattva.

The act of ‘presencing beauty’ is a function of the Priestess and wise ones of all traditions know… you can instantly soothe any situation by creating beauty.  It puts us at ease, elevating the consciousness of everyone involved.

Physical Beauty

Physical beauty invites us to put effort into the way we show up in the world. Our very presence is our contribution, “darshan” or offering to each moment. Physical beauty is a form of offering ourselves to the altar of life. We bless and respect ourselves, life and those we encounter when we are mindful of the way we present ourselves and interact.

Consider the tone of your voice, graceful movement, well-timed conversations, attentiveness, aesthetically pleasing attire and decor, scent, color, personal grooming, lighting, nature and gesture. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder…but subtlety, gratitude and grace are a good start.

How can you be more mindful and add a touch of beauty to your physical presence today?

Emotional Beauty

Emotional beauty is what you radiate from the inside out. Can you hold every person you encounter with positive regard? My favorite word in Sanskrit is “Jyoti” or light. In cultivating emotional beauty, we train ourselves to seek out and register the light and love in everyone. They, in turn, respond accordingly.

One of my favorite books, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” challenges us – whether with your child, spouse, friend, co-worker or taxi driver – to practice seeing their light. As you recognize the light and soul in each individual, soften and respond by sending love and good wishes to them. Generously give out “warm fuzzies”: smiles, compliments and random acts of kindness. When you mirror another’s light, they’re bound to breathe a little deeper, slip into the heart and respond in kind. Their beauty and radiance will shine forth. You may add the radical Buddhist practice of loving-kindness and silently repeat to yourself “May you be happy. May you be free.”

Please leave comments below to let us know your favorite ways of sharing inner or outer beauty with the world!

  • How does beauty shape your life?
  • What do you find most beautiful and inspiring?
  • How do you define beauty?
  • Who inspires you as they share their beauty with you?



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2 Responses to “The Healing Power of Beauty”

  1. Amanda says:

    I’ve slowly realized that anyone can be beautiful and to me, the secret is to carry yourself with lightness or “keeping your heart center open”. I mean, who looks ugly walking around like that? It feels very natural and instantly makes me feel better when I remind myself to do that. I think too often people focus only on putting on a smile, but leave the rest of their body language very heavy and burdened.