What You See Is What You Get

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What are you looking at? Where do you find your gaze resting upon?
Image is literally brain food. What we take in through our eyes directly wires into our subconscious mind.
This is the science behind manifestation. What we focus on becomes what we identify with, where our thoughts are seeded and what we become.
What you see is what you get!
One of my “guilty pleasures” and zoning out techniques is to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians and flip through People magazine or Us every week or so. I began to notice that if I watched the sister saga before I went to bed…first thing in the morning, I would have particularly self-critical thoughts, focusing on how I looked or how my life was not glamorous, exciting, sexy or fashionable enough.
At a dinner party in Aspen last week, I was talking to a friend about just this (deep dinner conversation). He chimed in that he had finally made this connection after years of watching crime dramas on TV late at night. He realized he didn’t sleep well, would toss and turn or have bad dreams and wake up anxious or unrested. Finally, it dawned on him that all those images of violence and drama were significantly shaping his thought forms and unconscious mind, so he stopped.
We think about this with our children…closely monitoring what they take in….so, why would we think it changes when we grow up? It doesn’t. Those images are sprouting thoughts in your head – whether you are aware of it or not.
In yoga, this is called YANTRA YOGA. Rishis (ancient seers) recognized that what comes in through our two eyes, directly impacts our “third eye” or our pituitary gland and subconscious mind. Image is even more powerful than action or sound. It is the first way our brain interprets or symbolizes thought.
THE GOOD NEWS: Image is also the key to manifesting what you really want!
Place images of what you most desire in front of you and your thoughts will begin collecting around this to inspire the actions you take, which determines the results in your life.

This week, walk through your home and take note of what images you surround yourself with. Are they outdated? Pictures of ex-lovers? Old art that no longer inspires you or decor that no longer resonates with who you are? Stagnant pictures that don’t represent your current passions or life? Or conversely, do you not have any images of people you love?
I was working with a client who wanted to “open his heart” and deepen into much greater intimacy and love in his relationship. He felt and his girlfriend complained that he was cut off from his emotions and didn’t express love easily.
When I went through his home, I observed that he did not have one single snapshot up in his whole house…barren, as if he had no personal life. He had an exquisitely decorated, enviable bachelor pad with designer furnishings, but it was minimalist, cold and lacking any personal warmth or expression.  The first thing we did was place beautiful pictures of happy moments in his life with family and his wide-array of friends that reminded him of all the love he has created, received and is experiencing now.

If you want to open your heart and manifest more joy or a thriving relationship…put pictures up that remind you of how much love and happiness you have right now! (Think: smiles, children, pets, travel…remember how abundant you already are)
If you are focusing on a particular career or artistic goal: put up images that inspire you, people whom you admire or depictions of exactly what you want to create. (Also known as a VISION BOARD.)
If you want to deepen spiritually: put murtis (spiritual deities) or images of the world’s great spiritual leaders, whoever resonates with you. Good to have an altar or spiritual center in your home where you anchor those things that are most meaningful to you.
Image works because it bypasses the thinking, logical, linear frontal lobe and directly feeds and fuels the subconscious. Symbol, art, color and image heal.
Remember your inner child. It needs monitoring, too. TV, magazines, websites or (gasp!) social media sucks us into gossip, needless comparison and negativity. Internet porn and most media coverage of sex objectifies women, emphasizes male ejaculation and is over-stimulating. It does not promote healthy sexual interaction or loving touch. Abstain.
What you looking at? Please share/post what images inspire you.
You can check out my latest “Vision Boards” here.
With Love,


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