A revolutionary integration of yoga, meditation, neuroscience & psychology.
Learn to teach yoga as mind-body-heart medicine.

300 hr. Advanced Yoga Psychology Teacher Training
Six 50 hr. modules at The Quest in Venice, CA

PLEASE NOTE: This training is thoughtfully designed to be taken in sequential order. It is highly recommended that you complete MODULE 1: FOUNDATIONS OF YOGA PSYCHOLOGY before continuing to any other modules as your personal shadow work is at the core of this entire curriculum.
However...we believe it is beneficial to curate your professional training according to your deepest dharma and heart's desires. The soul's calling is a mysterious, non-linear path.
You may wish to customize your training, sign up for modules individually, study at your own pace, or combine one or more modules in 2016. Discounts given when you purchase a 3-pack or the complete 6-pack of modules. Prices do not include accommodations and meals.
REQUIREMENTS: When taking the seat of a teacher, we can only lead others as far as we, ourselves, have gone. Please be prepared to do your own, inner shadow work – a necessary component in maintaining integrity and efficacy in your teaching or clinical practice.
Developing and maintaining a formal shadow work/self-inquiry practice (svadhyaya), personal sadhana and yoga/meditation practice is required. Personal psychotherapy with a holistic therapist during the course of training is also highly recommended.
Emphasis in each module is on leading by example, using your life as your curriculum and teaching/practicing from felt, authentic experience.
*** We cannot guarantee when these courses will be offered again as Ashley has several other passion projects in the works. Please consider signing up now, if this program calls to you.

MODULE 1 | May 15 - 19, 2017  | Venice, CA (50 hrs)
GANESHA: Foundations of Yoga Psychology

This eponymous module builds the framework and infrastructure for the subsequent curriculum. Solidify the cornerstone practices of Yoga Psychology. 
Yoga asks: "Who Am I?" "Why Am I Here?" All yogic studies serve to anchor us into our true nature – Sat Nam. In this module, we explore the nature of Self and the structure of the Psyche from both a western (psychological) and eastern (yogic) perspective.
An overview of Ayurveda, the doshas and corresponding lifestyle considerations provides a working model for optimizing one's constitution, clinical assessment and prescriptions for emotional healing. We will outline Swiss psychologist Carl Jung's concept of the Shadow and Depth Psychology and it's direct application to yoga and meditation. End with an introduction to Trauma Resolution – a necessary component in any mind-body therapy.
  • Yoga Prescriptions: depression, anxiety, anger, heartbreak, grief, increasing joy, love and intimacy
  • Architecture of the Psyche. The Triple Crown: Chitta, Buddhi, Atman
  • Awareness and therapeutic use of power dynamics in the yoga room (transference, counter-transference, projection, idealization, etc.)
  • The Hero/Heroine’s Journey in yoga
  • Basics of Ayurveda, the doshas, practical lifestyle considerations for optimal mind-body performance
  • Shadow Work: Carl Jung's concept of "the Shadow" in yoga and integrating the unconscious 
  • Creating a safe container, crafting ritual and holding space for optimal healing
  • Embodiment and connection as the gateway of healing
  • Basics of trauma resolution – overcoming core wounds and childhood traumas
  • The physiology of stress and trauma and how to build resilience in order to thrive
  • Psychic Self-Defense
  • The Sacred Mirror: A Mini Priest/ess Training – Emptying and strengthening your vessel to be a clear reflection of Truth
  • Guest Expert: Daniel Stewart
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MODULE 2: May 22 - 26, 2017 | Venice, CA (50 hrs)
SHAKTI: Embodied Psychology of the Chakras

This module is designed to unpack the intricate chakra system in an effective, highly accessible way. Deepen your understanding of the experiential, psychological and practical application of the chakras in yoga and life. Learn how to incorporate them skillfully into a vinyasa flow class.
The chakras are an ancient map detailing the complex relationship between the physical body, spiritual realm, endocrine system, human development, emotions, past traumas, the elements and mythology.
This is a rare opportunity to demystify the chakras as a developmental psychology using real-life case studies from a decade of Ashley’s clinical psychotherapy practice. Through a multi-dimensional lens, we assess each chakra from several angles to fully dissect its impact on your life: physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual.
  • Recognize over-, under-active and balanced (sattvic) tendencies of each chakra
  • Anatomy of the emotional & energetic body: Learn where specific emotions are held in the body and how to release them.
  • Learn how to read bodies and assess client's through posture, gait and body armouring
  • Quickly interpret physical symptoms as potential indicators of deeper, unresolved emotions
  • Specific asanas, foods, mudras, seed mantras and essential oils for each chakra
  • Understand how family history (ancestral karmas) affects your health and happiness
  • Amplify your teaching using themes and incorporating the mytho-poetic realm
  • Revitalize the digestive, respiratory, immune and lymphatic systems
  • Develop intuition and spiritual connection
  • Guest Expert: Hala Khouri
  • BONUS: Traditional Lakota Sweatlodge in the mountains of Malibu
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MODULE 3: SEPTEMBER 12–16 | Venice, CA (50 hrs)
SARASWATI – Sound of the Soul: Bhakti, Mantra & Nada Yoga as Heart Medicine

Bhakti Yoga is considered the quickest path (marga) to heal the heart. In the mystical roots of yoga, as well as modern, depth psychology – ritual, prayer, myth and devotion are revered as gateways to facilitate quantum leaps in consciousness.
When we enter ritual space, we open ourselves to spiritual awakening, realizations and healing that far surpass the logical, linear mind. This module offers a deeper dive into the Soul and a scientific look at the great Bhakti Yoga tradition.
  • Bhakti: The Yoga of Devotion. History, practice and modern applications
  • How to incorporate chanting, mantra and teach to skeptics
  • Deities as archetypes, Mytho-Poetic understanding of the Hindu pantheon & Archetypal Psychology
  • Neuroscience of Sound: Bhakti, Mantra, Nada Yoga, Sanskrit and the power of sacred words
  • How sound heals Psyche
  • How to create a safe container and the core elements of ritual
  • Face your fears and transform your voice as a teacher
  • Vak: The 4 Elements of Yogic Speech. Avoiding vaikjari (rough speech)
  • Mauna: Therapeutic use of noble silence & inner listening
  • Learn active listening and non-violent communication to more effectively communicate
  • Power of prayer, ritual & devotion: Helping students and clients deepen their spiritual practice in a non-threatening, accessible way 
  • Bonus Field Trip: Three LIVE kirtans, PLUS a bonus workshop to open your throat chakra and find your empowered, authentic voice
  • Guest Experts: Govindas, Dave Stringer, Suzanne Sterling, Daniel Stewart
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MODULE 4: September 19-23 | Venice, CA (50 hrs)
SHIVA - Jnana Yoga: Meditation, Mindfulness & Neuroscience

Perhaps the most accessible tool of Yoga Psychology, yet the most misunderstood - meditation (dhyana) is the golden key to unlock our fullest potential in life. Meditation is the noble road to mastering the mind, overcoming difficult emotions, self-actualization and identifying with our true nature. This module aims to demystify the practice of meditation, clearly break down many schools of meditation and introduce teachers and clinicians to mindfulness practices that can be easily adapted to your students' lives.
Science meets spirit.
  • How to teach advanced meditation and mindfulness practices to students and clients
  • Meditation, deep relaxation and stress management
  • Practices to open your 3rd eye and strengthen intuition
  • Open Mind Meditations for optimal creativity and performance
  • Basic anatomy of the brain and nervous systems
  • Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight) vs. Parasympathetic Nervous System (relax & restore)
  • Neurons and neuropeptides (electrochemical communicators). Neurons that wire together fire together.
  • Memory & Samskara: How biology becomes biography.
  • Patanjali: vritti samskara chakra; pratipaksha bhavana, heyam dukham anagatham 
  • Brain as a pharmacopoeia: Neurons, neuropeptides, and ecstatic embodiment. ‘God is a neuropeptide.’
  • Breath as the gateway to create ecstatic experience (pranayama, hatha yoga, chanting)
  • Unitary states vs. Transcending separateness
  • Incorporating the Mytho-Poetic as Medicine: Kabir, Hafiz, Rumi, Upanishads, Radiance Sutras
  • PNI – PsychoNeuroImmunology
  • Yoga & Meditation as a stress-reducing, immunity-boosting modality
  • 8 Attitudes of Mindfulness
  • Kleshas, the 7 Most Common Mindtraps & their solutions
  • Guest Experts: Davidji (formerly of The Chopra Center), Elisha Goldstein PhD (Center for Mindful Living), Dearbhla Kelly
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MODULE 5: November 7-11 | Venice, CA (50 hrs)
KRISHNA & RADHA – The Yoga of Conscious Relationships & Sacred Sexuality
Relationships are often considered the most difficult yoga. As Ram Dass says: "People think they want a conscious relationship of 'Living Truth', but I assure you...most people don't. The fire is too hot."
For many of us, the majority of our suffering comes from relationships: heartbreak, betrayal, abandonment, longing for intimacy, difficulty communicating with our partners, family, children and co-workers, disappointments, unmet expectations.
This module is designed in 2 parts:
1. Conscious Relationships. Using relationships as a vehicle for consciousness. Recognizing each relationship as a sacred mirror, reflecting aspects of Self that need to be brought to light and healed.
2. Sacred Sexuality. A yoga-based study in using sexuality as a sacred, spiritual practice to deepen intimacy, identify and melt defenses, increase pleasure, sexual control and transcend separateness.
  • The Heart of Yoga: Building Conscious Partnerships (personal, intrapersonal, romantic and business)
  • Connection and intimacy as the foundation of healing and pleasure in life
  • Maintaining polarity in relationship
  • Intro to Red Tantra Philosophy. KISS meditation.
  • Kriyas, applied bandhas, breathwork and asana to increase pleasure, sensuality and sexual control
  • Accessible methods to teach sacred sexuality and sensuality to skeptics in a 90 min. class or workshop
  • Basics of sexual healing and working with trauma in the yoga room and clinical practice
  • Yoga of Relationship: How to create a long-lasting, thriving, rewarding partnership
  • The 4 Horsemen of Relationship
  • Philosophy of Shaktism & creating sacred sexuality
  • Tantra Training: "O" Yoga. Sensual Yoga.
  • Guest Experts: Psalm Isadora, Mark Whitwell
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MODULE 6: November 14-18 | Venice, CA (50 hrs)
LAKSHMI – Wealthy Yogi: Personal Development, Productivity, Business & Leadership Training.
Quite simply, this is the one module I wish I had received! I am über-passionate about helping yoga teachers, therapists and light workers MAKE MORE MONEY!
Ultimately, yoga is about self-actualization and reaching our fullest potential in this life. The world desperately needs your gifts. You deserve to be in service AND to be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. 
I've pulled together the best business trainings and tools from 20 years as an entrepreneur to help you design your ideal vision and implement a strategy to achieve it. Plus, we'll do a lot of personal development and shadow work to help you breakthrough any unconscious blocks that may be holding you back. In my experience, mastering the inner game, creating a rock-solid wealthy mindset and having a clear plan are the keys to propel you to the success you know you deserve.
  • Developing a mindset of wealth and abundance on all levels
  • External and internal tools for success
  • Specific blueprints for your business, launching a company and building a team
  • How to create a core brand identity and message
  • Leave this module with a MISSION STATEMENT, VISION and clear BUSINESS PLAN
  • Identifying your niche market and Ideal Client Avatar
  • Creating your unique product offerings
  • Best practices, apps, tools, and project management systems
  • Teaching workshops, retreats and intensives: Tips for Success
  • Impeccably navigate social media with wisdom, grace and efficacy
  • Learn how to allocate your resources and income to continue funding your business growth
  • Be a visionary. Build a team. Become a leader.
  • Guest Experts: Justin Michael Williams, Destinee Berman (my business partner, personal coach, launch manager & strategy guru!)
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